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1,200 Rs Recommended salon price


Reconstruct Shampoo

| 250 ml

  • Repair

Very damaged hair shampoo


  • Very damaged hair
  • Sensitized hair
  • Damaged cortex
  • Chemically altered
  • Hair subjected to multiple and agressive processes


  • Repairs
  • Nourishes
  • Silky Soft
  • Supple
  • Bouncy
  • Restored hair


  • Originating from an advanced professional repairing* technology, this shampoo revives the regenerating APTYL 100 in-salon protocol care effect to restore hair.

Long-lasting* restructuring care, shampoo for very damaged hair. Following your PROFIBER Reconstruct routine in-salon, continue the hair treatment at-home, to prolong the effects of the APTYL 100 molecular complex on the fiber. Use the Reconstruct Shampoo with the dedicated Reconstruct routine (Conditioner, Masque and Leave-In). Damaged hair is replumped and controlled. When dry, hair is noticeably more supple and silky soft from root to tip. * Instrumental tests after the salon routine – up to 4 Profiber shampoos (Rectify/Restore/Reconstruct).


Reconstruct Shampoo

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