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950 Rs Recommended salon price


Coloured Conditioner

| 250 ml

  • Anti-thinning

  • Conditioning

Coloured , thinning hair conditioner


  • Thin hair
  • Fine hair
  • Coloured hair


  • Fuller looking hair
  • Long-lasting refreshing and soothing action
  • Conditioning


  • Based on the innovative Incell, which after 7 years of research and 8 years of tests, offers new hair substance which instantly thickens every hair strand to provide a visually fuller effect.
  • The conditioning polymer takes care of the conditioning need of coloured hair.

Incell and Glucoboost

A biomimetic of the intercellular cement and natural hair ceramide, Incell works by filling in cuticle cell gaps, strengthening the cohesion of keratin fibers, enhancing hydrophobic properties and robustness, making detangling easier. Glucoboosed is a dual-action targeted agent containing an energy reserve to nourish the hair follicle and a lipd element to fuel the hair fiber.

Conditioning polymer

Specially designed for thinning hair, this conditions the hair without weighing it down.

Serioxyl conditioner for coloured thinning hair is gel cream based with added conditioning agent to take care of the coloured and thinning hair.


Coloured Conditioner

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