Blonde Hair: Dark Roots Or Whole Colour?

Every leading hair stylist will tell you that coloured hair looks more natural and beautiful when you can see the roots – but do you agree? Take a look at the two so you can decide for yourself.

Blonde hair with visible roots

The hairstyle: Extremely light blonde hair with dark roots is a bold look to have. With a slightly darker shade of hair closer to brown than blonde, roots that are shown are not as stark and will flow seamlessly with the rest of the hair colour.

The style: The era of rock grunge made this style very popular with roots being between 1 and 3 centimeters. With ombré and sombre hair in fashion today, show off your roots as they grow a few weeks after you get your hair coloured.

What the editors say: Visible roots are probably not everybody's favourite, but they are in style now and that makes it easier for everyone to love those times between the first hair colouring and the second sitting to get their hair recoloured.

One uniform blonde color

The hairstyle: This style is just one colour from the roots to the tip of your hair, and can be what ever shade of blonde suits you the best – honey, golden, ash blonde, platinum, etc.

The style: Hair with only one uniform colour throughout tends to draw eyes towards the cut itself, so make sure you get rid of all those split ends and tangles so your hair is left looking flawless.

What the editors say: Dyeing your hair a single colour with no dark roots showing makes it simple for others to tell that your hair colour isn't natural – but that's not a bad thing! The colour is easy to maintain, you won't look like you're wearing a wig, and you can play around with some colours to change up your look every season!

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