Copper hair color: different shades and styles

Copper hair color is the perfect choice for those who can't decide between blond and brunette!

Some of us are luckily born with this unique hair colour that combines all the best aspects of red, brunette and gold, while others require the special skills of their hair stylist to recreate the shade.

Types of copper hair colours

There are so many different tones to copper hair, it's entirely up to you what colour/s you opt for. Here are some examples:

Fiery orange – Also known as "carrot" (less glamorous), this bold hue is a true showstopper that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Burnt sienna – Instead of embracing the orange tones, a few deep red brunette hues can cool your colour down and add some dark depth.

Pink hints (strawberry or rose) – Pastel pinks and berry shades are a festival favourite. But now we're slowly looking towards autumn, and a metallic copper with a pink blush to it feels more seasonally appropriate.

Dark blue/purple tint – If your skin is naturally cool-toned, you might be put off by the rich warm hues in copper hair colour. But if your colourist adds a touch of dark purple or blue, you can cool the shade down completely.

Copper hair with highlights – You don't have to go entirely copper; a few sun-kissed highlights can take the intensity out of the colour, while still leaving you with an ultra-flattering shade.

Copper hair with blonde – Be careful to avoid the Ginger Spice with highlights (circa 1995) look. Blond and copper can work well together, provided a variety of tones are used and that they blend in subtly together.

Copper ombré – Play with different shades of copper, from dark to light, with a beautiful ombré that transitions from rich mahogany roots into fiery gold tips.

How to style your copper hair colour

4 ways to show off your copper hair!

1. Glossy long waves

Use the light to your advantage, and style your hair in cascading waves that reflect their different tones with every movement. We recommend the Waves Fatales cream from the Hollywood Waves collection by Tecni Art.

2. Big messy curls

Make us want to get lost in the splendor of your ethereal copper curls, with a hairstyle that defies gravity. When blow-drying your hair, use a diffuser attachment and dry the hair with your head forward, cupping sections of hair in the nozzle. This will give you excellent natural volume.

3. Tousled bob or long bob

For a more modern and on-trend style to work your copper hair colour, a long tousled bob with piecey waves is perfect, and fairly low maintenance. You could even try adding a matte texture using a dry shampoo, this year's hottest finish to contemporary hairstyles – confirmed by both the red carpet and the runway.

4. Thick blunt bangs

Want you copper hair colour to be the first thing that people remark about you, followed by how beautiful your eyes are? The key is all about the bangs. A set of thick, blunt bangs will not only ensure your copper isn't ignored, but will also draw attention to your eyes, just underneath. For those who don't have the naturally thick and smooth hair required for this type of fringe, a more piecey version, or even side bangs, also offer the same effect.

For maximum gloss on your bangs, without them becoming greasy throughout the day, apply a shine-enhancing hairspray while blow-drying, such as the Natural Finish spray from Tecni.ART and use a barrel brush or comb to smooth the bangs into position.

Image credit: L'Oréal Professionnel

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