How to care for your violet hair color

If you're thinking of turning your hair a striking shade of purple this season, here's how to care for violet hair color, the different options on offer, and the best ways to style your new look.

How to get violet hair colour: try temporary first

Did you know that ultra violet was named Pantone's Colour of 2018? If you're a fan of the bold shade, why not try it out as a head-turning hair colour!

You don't have to dive in at the deep end when it comes to violet hair colour: try it as a temporary shade first...

The Colourful Hair service from L'Oréal Professionnel offers a wide range of temporary hair colours from across the rainbow spectrum: from pretty Pink Sorbet to Turquoise, Hypnotic Magenta or (our colour of the year) Electric Violet. The #ColourfulHair colours last for up to 15 shampoos, and can be combined together to create unique shades, combinations and effects.

It doesn't have to be all-over violet hair colour either. If you're looking for a subtler way to wear the shade, think about bright purple tips, or a discreet streak of purple you can tuck behind your ear for work or occasions where the dress code is a little more formal.

Different shades of purple hair

If violet hair colour has got your imagination going, here are some suggestions for different shades of purple that you can get creative with!

Red violet hair colour:
to get this shade, your hair colourist will use less blue pigment, and increase the dosage of red to create a glossy burgundy shade that works particularly well over naturally dark hair colours.

Deep, dark violet hair colour:
a dark purple pigment can be super subtle or strikingly vibrant. We love a deep violet balayage over a cool cocoa brunette base tone that shimmers in the light.

Bright violet hair colour:
not for shrinking violets, this is the boldest way you can wear violet hair colour. Consider using different shades of bright purple down the lengths to create a bright violet colour gradient.

Light pastel purple:
Summer's favourite hair colour, purple pastels evoke festivals, fun and a feelgood spirit. From lavender to lilac, purple-grey to mauve, there are many options from the lighter end of the purple colour scale.

Caring for colour-treated hair

A few basic rules for looking after your violet hair colour:

Do – Use shampoo and conditioner created specifically for your colour. We recommend the Vitamino Colour A-OX collection from Serie Expert for high shine and long-lasting colour.

Don't – Use home hair dyes over salon-coloured hair treatments. The colours are rarely exactly the same, and the home dye pigments can cause discolouration and uneven coverage.

Do – Use a regular hair masque or visit the salon for a bi-monthly treatment to ensure the hair fiber is well moisturised. Dry hair tends to lose its colour more quickly, developing flyaways, frizz and a dull luster.

Don't – Overwash your hair. Not only will this cause your violet hair colour to fade more quickly, but it will also encourage your scalp to produce more natural oils, meaning your hair quickly becomes greasy after washing. Stick to twice or three times a week, and use a dry hair shampoo in-between washes.

How to wear violet hair colour: 3 hairstyle inspos

  1. A thick messy side braid is great for showcasing different colours, and is a pretty alternative to a ponytail.
  2. A blunt-cut long bob with piecey waves is one of this year's most on-trend hairstyles. Wearing it with violet hair colour shows your originality.
  3. Long, glossy and voluminous waves are hands down the best way to show off a vibrant violet hair colour. The key to volume is in the right haircare and your stylist's expertise with layering techniques.

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