How to get your hair coloured French Brown

French brown is a very distinctive shade. It has always been one to intrigue and fascinate fashion lovers across the world with its pure and intense aspect. Do check this out before you try out this new hair colour. 

Despite being introduced by a British hair colourist, this new variant of brown is French. With Charlotte Gainsbourg, Eva Green, Sophie Marceau and Bérénice Bejo being among those who have donned this colour, this "pure" brown shade devoid of any golden or copper tones to it is in popular demand at present; but it can only be achieved by a special technique!

Two steps for one hair colour

Your colourist will have to follow a two-step process to remove any hint of copper and gold from your naturally light brown, red, or blonde hair. A pre-colour treatment comes first, followed by a dye which intensifies and highlights the brown hue. Patience is key here, as this transformation will require you to spend a lot of time at the salon – but rest assured, it will all be worth it!

The process could take longer if your hair is jet black, as this will require going to a lighter colour, that is, French brown. Your hair will most likely have to be bleached first, so ensure you discuss a solution with your stylist that fits you and your needs at the outset. Primarily, don't forget to take inspirational and indicative pictures to your appointment. This will illustrate exactly what colour and style you wish for.

How to keep your French brown intense day after day

Intricate chemical processes helped in obtaining your fresh new hair colour. Firstly, you need to maintain your locks and keep the colour vibrant and shiny by using hair products which nourish, with solutions like Absolut Repair Lipidium or PROFIBER by L'Oréal Professionnel.

An organised care routine will do if you want to ensure that the pigment sticks on to your hair fibre. For instance, Vitamino Color by L'Oréal Professionnel is a great choice for this. You should also get regular touch ups done, say every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the speed of your hair growth.

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