Parisian Chocolat hair colour - A hot trend for Indians

Isn't there a chocolate love hidden somewhere in all of us? And what can be a better way to sport your favourite as a hair color too...

The Parisian Chocolat hair colour is among one of the hottest trending looks at present, which works perfectly with all Indian skin tones. From a warm brown tone to a flirty shade of brown, chocolate brown tones can be a great addition to your new look for the season.

Try a chocolaty brown hair tone and pick a shade from Loreal's Parisian Chocolat Hair Colour Collection. Ask for a personalised look from a loreal professional hairstylist. Pick the right shade of chocolate hair colour according to your skin tone and personality. Consult your hairstylist about #colourmefrench at the closest Loreal salon.

A violet tinted rouge shade

Keeping intact the elegance quotient, the tint of a violet rouge to your chocolate hair colour can be pretty interesting. The perfect shade is created by smudge contouring of the hair colour, which gives a glamorous yet sleek look to the face. A subtle, but a perfect Parisian look for sure!

A hint of amber

French balayage is the way to go to create the perfect hazel shade for the Parisian Chocolat hair colour. The beautiful amber tinted waves of hair are a truly spectacular look, which blend perfectly due to the highlights in a French balayage. This look is great for both wavy as well as straight hair.

A touch of cinnamon

For a chocolate hair colour with a hint of gold, try the smudging technique. A perfect fun look, the cinnamon chocolate look can be created with the right smudging of gold tones into the chocolate hair colour. This correct rendition of the hair colours can bring out a vibrant look for you!

Image credit: Getty Images, catwalking - Carl Prouse, Contributor

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