Dia color. 60 ml - Dia

Demi permanent gloss color.
3x shinier hair.*
6 weeks of gloss color.**
Optimal grey coverage.

*Instrumental test.
**Instrumental & consumer tests



Dia color is an alkaline demi-permanent gloss color with no ammonia.
The portfolio includes 100% true-to-tone natural reflects. Formulated with up to 92% natural origin ingredients,* Dia color gives for 6 weeks of gloss color** and optimal grey coverage.
It provides 3x more shine*** and enhances hair vibrancy. The texture is creamy for easy mixing, application, and rinsing.
Exclusively for professional use.
The end of dull hair is here.

*Maximum % of naturality across all shades of the range, with at least 84%.
**Instrumental & consumer tests.
***Instrumental test.

What it does

• Provides optimal grey coverage
• Offers 6 weeks of gloss color**
• Enhances hair with 3x more shine**
• Lifts up to 1 level with alkaline technology, without no ammonia
• Adds reflect and dimension for all hair types and textures
• Enables customizable results with a large intermixable palette of shades from lightest blondes to darkest browns in cool, neutral, and warm tones.
• Has a positive impact on the environment: it uses 36% less packaging**** and saves up to 27 tone of paper/year**** made from 100% recycled cardboard and 95% post recycled aluminum tubes

**Instrumental & consumer tests.
***Instrumental test.
****Vs. Dia Richesse.



Shiny, natural looking, vibrant, glossy hair.
6 weeks of gloss color*
Optimal grey coverage.
3x more shine.**
100% true-to-tone natural reflects.
Up to 92% natural origin ingredients.***
No ammonia.

*Instrumental & consumer tests.
**Instrumental test.
***Maximum % of naturality across all shades of the range, with at least 84%.

Pro tips


You can use any Dia Activateur Developer with Dia color (1:1.5 mixing ratio).
For best results, we recommend:

• 9-vol. Dia Activateur Developer for standard tone on tone color and maintenance
• 15-vol. Dia Activateur Developer for strong color deposit and optimal grey blending

Service opportunities


• Add shine & gloss to naturally dull hair
• First reflect and shine for clients new to color
• Refresh hair color for clients looking for low maintenance color
• Optimal natural looking grey coverage

Demi permanent gloss color
Dia color

Semi Permanent & Ammonia-Free

Dia color.