5 Ways To Do The French Girl Hair

French Girl hair is easily the most popular hairstyle for spring summer 2016 with its long bangs, the casually wavy lob and rich shade of brown. Not convinced yet? Take a look at these 5 Instagram images that show you very different ways to pull it off.

Perfectly Piece-y Bangs

You can have your bangs made in a variety of ways to perfect the French Girl style, but for the classic look, try making them long and piecey. Your hair will look carefully messy and ready for a day out while maintaining a chic cool exterior.

Slightly messy on purpose hair

The key to hair this season lies in one secret – volume. While French Girl Hair has always had a messy rock'n'roll air to it, making it even bigger and messier changes up the look. Use some texturizing spray or powder to remove the oil in your hair and light tease it and add a few curls. Comb the entire thing out for additional texture.

The A-line lob

With a lob in the front and a bob at the back, the A-line bob will keep you looking cool and casual this spring summer 2016. It maintains the look of French Girl Hair in the front and stays off your neck which is ideal for the warm season, giving you an edgy look.

Sun-kissed summer highlights

The cut isn't the only thing you can play around with. For this season, French Brown is seeing some new shades! Incorporate some sun-kissed highlights in your brown hair for a fresh new look and look beach-ready all year round!

Straight bangs

If your face shape doesn't go well with piecey bangs, French Girl Hair works just as well with straight bangs. Make sure to avoid very short bangs because it will take the attention away from your haircut and make people concentrate on your forehead more!

Image credits: Pixelformula