A Fusion Hairstyle - Ponytail & Bun

The classic ponytail and bun hairstyles are admired by all women. Why not try to experiment and create a hybrid hairstyle with both? This hybrid hairstyle is the fusion of a simple ponytail rolled into a bun with some interesting braiding. A great way to wear your hair high in a classy yet modern style. Here are a few.

How to create the Braided Ponytail Bun?

Step one: Any and every hairstyle requires healthy hair

Healthy and lustrous manes are essential to create this stunning look. You should treat your hair regularly at the salon according to the need of your hair quality. Try the L'Oréal Professionnels 'Style My Hair' simulator to understand your hair needs, including the style and color. Check out the Serie Expert Powermix masks, which caters to dull or limp hair or even dry or damaged hair.

Step two: How to achieve a matte texture

While shiny hairstyles are meant for summers, textured matte hair look great in fall/winters. Celebrity hairstylist, Anh Co Tran's favorite, the Wild Stylers Next Day Hair hairspray gives a perfect matte finish. It's micro-powder blends into dry hair to give instant volume, making them ready for a ponytail bun.

Step three: A thick demi-braid

The style may not be very visible, but braiding adds a dense effect to the ponytail bun. Make a low ponytail and braid the hair loosely till hallway down the length of the hair.

Step four: Wrap and finish

Tuck the unbraided portion of the ponytail under the braid and secure it with an elastic at the nape of your neck. Use a tail comb to pull out small strands of your hair from the braid and wrap some around the braided bun, and leaving some to give a messy yet sexy look.

Step five: Secure the look

The last and essential part is to secure the hairstyle with a hairspray to keep it under control. You can use the Infinium Pure hairspray, a lightweight yet long-lasting spray which is also fragrance free as well as hypoallergenic.

Image credit: Getty Images - Melodie Jeng

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