Beach Waves Lob: Sculpt Your Waves with an Effortless Cut

A quick search of the trending hairstyles among celebrities this year is sure to throw up images of beautifully tousled and textured beachy waves lobs. Cut to fall between the chin and the shoulder, the long bob, or lob as it is affectionately called, is the current celebrity trend across the globe.

The California girl look!

Soft beachy waves framing your face create the quintessential beach-girl look, giving the illusion of refreshing windswept hair. Start styling by washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo to get rid of dirt and oiliness, and condition with a conditioner which will help you untangle the knots and snags. When your hair is air- dried to your satisfaction, curl it into waves with a 1 3/4 inch curling iron to fashion your hair into cascading waves. When your curls have cooled completely, finger comb them, scrunching the roots to create a tousled effect!

An organised mess

Hair lifted at the roots, cascading in large soft waves and finished with even flat ends is the hallmark of this refreshing hairstyle. Easy to style and maintain, this is the perfect look for summer. Rapunzel- like locks tend to give you an uncomfortably sweaty neck, and while it may be hard to trade them for a short crop, the long bob offers the perfect compromise. It gives you manageable summery hair without you having to sacrifice your beautiful tresses completely.

Minimal styling for beachy tresses

A beach waves lob is ideally suited to hair with natural waves. Opt for this style if you have naturally wavy hair, and achieve the perfect look in minutes every day without using styling products and curling irons. Your tresses will not only stay healthy and glossy, but will also look picture perfect all the time!

Image credits: Pixelformula

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