Dying to make your shaved-head look stylish? Here's how!

While shaving heads is a classic men's hairstyle, it calls for some additional measures to personalise the cut. Read through some of our tips and tricks to make the style unique to your preferences!

Mix up the length and style of the cut

A traditional shaved haircut implies that your hair is one length all around your head – but it doesn't have to be! To put a modern spin to it, you can instruct your hairstylist to leave the top of the hair slightly longer and crop the sides much shorter to create a visual difference between the two. The undercut can be incorporated to make your shaved hairstyle a more trendy and chic look.

Experiment with colour

When you commit to a shaved haircut, you will be getting your hair cut very often. You can use this to your advantage by trying out exotic new colours that you may not have considered before! Try out some pinks and silver or if you're feeling particularly adventurous, try a combination of colours like a rainbow, or a pastel. Whether you like the colour or not, your next haircut is just around the corner, so don't be afraid to try out some crazy new colours!

Grow a beard

The key to making a shaved haircut stand out is to work on the contrast that is created when you have cropped hair but you sport a magnificent beard. A classic look that works on every man, it will bring your compliments and envy like you've never known before – not to mention that it is one of the most stylish looks of the moment! Keep your beard well-groomed and maintain both your short hair and beard well.

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