Flaunting a top knot: the imperfectly perfect hair trend

Looking for an ultimately effortless yet cool and chic hair trend? The top knot is the answer to all your work-wear, brunch-style, date night-updo hair woes!

This hairstyle is a commanding yet endearing look, which brings all the hair away from the face and lets the focus fall on your gorgeous features and makeup skills. Also, this is the go-to hairstyle when you are running late or haven't washed your hair or are just lounging on the beach. The top knot is a truly unique style that looks great on everyone and yet so different. There are numerous ways to style a top knot to pull off a versatile look to suit your ensemble and mood.

The Messy yet Practical Top Knot

Ideal for all occasions, this top knot is easy to style, pretty and also fuss-free. Sounds like a dream come true hairstyle doesn't it? Make the knot look messy for a casual hangout session with friends and sleek it up when you are out to sip on some cocktails. The key to getting the look right is by using the right tools such as hair ties to hold the locks down in one place and avoid wonky buns. You could also use a serum like Liss Control and Liss Control Gel Cream.

The Perfect Top Knot

Pair the top knot with a face-framing fringe for the ultimate diva look. Perfect for formal events and weddings, you don't even need a dramatic hair chop to get this look right. Achieve a glamorous look by artfully placing faux bangs across the forehead and ensure the rest of the hair is in a sleek bun.

The Red-carpet Top Knot

Bid goodbye to those bad hair days by flaunting this polished top knot that requires a bun clip, a flexible hold gel, and a good quality hairspray. The sleek look lasts all day and won't look too 'done'. Carry a bristle brush with you to smooth down any loose strands that might pop up during the event.

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