French-Ing Your Hair Right: The Cut Vs. The Colour

The term 'French hair' comes from either the cut or the colour that you get. Which one do you like better?

French girl haircut

The haircut

Layered hair with wispy bangs is the typical French Girl hairstyle and can have both long and short variations. The shorter ones are cut as a lob which maintains the cut without going too short.

The style

Parisians seem to have the easy-to-manage and carefree style down pat, and it's always got an edgy look to it too. French girl hair is inspired by the classic 70s wavy hairstyle, with a bit of added texture that all the famous French celebrities are seen sporting. (Read Brigitte Bardot).

What the editors say

Easy French girl hair is every girl's dream – and now you can have it with this haircut. However, while it may look the easiest to do, it requires a lot of maintenance that primarily involves plenty of salon trips to keep your hair in shape. It is definitely worth it if you don't mind a little extra fuss over your hair every few weeks.

French brown hair

The colour

A rich brown colour that is subtle though it is deep, does not have any copper or golden highlights. Since this is a dark colour, you may need to have your natural hair pre-coloured for it to embody the depth of the French brown hair. Pictures speak a thousand words, so show your stylist a picture of Eva Green for comparison to achieve the perfect French Brown Hair.

The style

This season, stay away from the usual platinum or polar blonde options and try a rich French brown instead. It's a gorgeous alternative to your usual palette of colours and will make your hair look naturally shiny all season long!

What the editors say

If you're not looking to change up your hairstyle too much, and just want to add a French essence to it, French brown hair is the way to go. If you love it enough, you may even ask your stylist for an entire French girl look, next time around!

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