Heavy Bangs Lob: A Guide to Rocking a Blunt and Updated Look

The long bob, or lob is the current flavour in celebrity circuits. If you have made your mind up to succumb to this fashion trend, spice up your lob with heavy bangs which are sure to add another dimension to your look. Heavy bangs compliment a lob created on thick hair!

Use your hair to vary your style!

Thick hair gives you the flexibility to indulge in a lot of layers and add heavy bangs for a rich yet effortless look. Layers help thin the texture of your hair while bangs add character. If you have a round or square face, use the bangs on your long bob to soften the outline of your face. It falls over the cheeks, elongating the middle section of your face, making it look thinner. Women who have heart shaped faces find that heavy bangs soften the triangular outline of their face, transforming it into an alluring oval.

New and updated bangs

Side- swept bangs are the perfect complement to a wavy long bob. Make a side parting and blow dry your hair to one side, using your bangs to create the illusion of an uneven lob. Create an attractive windswept style by giving your bangs a wispy texture. Use highlights and colours to add a unique touch to your personal style!

Texturise with angles

If you are blessed with thick hair, encourage your stylist to play with cutting angles to give you a unique look. Razors and thinning shears come together in skilled hands to give a strong but lived-in look to your lob! Enhance your long bob with attractive bangs for a bouncy and glossy hairdo that is perfect for every occasion!

Image credits: Pixelformula

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