Heavy Bangs: Your Guide to a Fierce Look

Inspired by the likes of celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift, heavy bangs are ideal for a glamourous and sophisticated look. From the blunt cut bangs, to the side-swept locks or a peek-a-boo fringe, flaunt your heavy bangs with any hairstyle.

Get yourself the bang effect

Blunt, thick and heavy bangs are fierce and provide an edgy look to the wearer. Go from gothic to elegant fairy with the variety of ways to wear your heavy bangs.

Heavy bangs go well with all face structures and outfits. Irrespective of the colour of your hair, your bangs bring a balance to the facial structure and can be texturised to provide a flattering look. For a sleek look, blow dry the bangs downwards and spray a serum to tame flyaways. For an edgy look, heavy bangs can be layered and cut with jagged ends that are tapered on either side of the face. Blunt heavy bangs add width and volume to your face, giving long faces a respite from elongating hairstyles.

The perfect length

Long bangs that graze the eyelashes and angled downwards on either side of the face at mystery to your face. This style is ideal for those with long faces. Arched bangs that are razor trimmed showcase a bohemian style that is reminiscent of styles inspired by Taylor Swift and Rachel Zoe. Another way to wear these bangs is by parting eye-lid grazing bangs to provide a more elegant and professional look.

Flaunt and combine heavy bangs with different looks

Heavy bangs can be worn in multiple ways and for multiple occasions. Be it feathered heavy bangs for a round face that is combined with a professional suit or straight-across heavy bangs, these looks are perfect for professional situations. Softer bangs with wavy hair and slight parting can be flaunted at more festive occasions or even sported for daily wear.

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