It's time for guys to embrace those big curls

Why not embrace what we have, in place of constantly trying to fit in like everyone else. So, it's high time guys, listen up! As per the latest hair trend news – big curls look hot. Love your natural locks or the almost-Afro hair and forget the buzz haircut. Want to get curls? Check out Tecni.Art...

To Curl or Not to Curl?

That question is longstanding! What was considered unmanly or girly, curls are definitely back for boys. There are a plenty of role models to look up to for inspiration if you plan to get curls and many more to embrace your naturally curly locks. Add some style to your look and get the ladies to turn their heads!

Save the Hair-setting Time

Here's some good news with men with natural curls – as this trend saves a lot of bathroom time spent taming those curly locks. Also, guys with straight hair can get stylish curls as well, by using Tecni.Art's range of curl-tastic products on offer, from the longer Hollywood Waves for flowing locks, to the frizz happy Bouncy & Tender for defined curls. You can also try the experts backstage favorite: Pli, a thermo-modelling spray for more shape and hold. It gives instant root-life when applied to towel-dried hair, and you're good to go!

Get Energic

Use the L'Oréal Professionnel's Homme Energic Shampoo , the men's hair care range enriched with Mint and Ginseng extract. It is refreshing and has high-foam tech for maximum lather and a natural looking shine, perfect hair product for daily morning use.

Enhance your style with curls or embrace your natural curls, what's your pick? Keep up with the curly hair trend, and remember, the bigger the better!

Image credit: Getty Images - Peter White

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