Messed Up Pixie: For a Choppy and Edgy Look

Combine fun and girly with the glamourous and fashionable with the choppy and messed up pixie cut. Being a minimalistic and structured look, the messed up pixie is the emblem of a bold fashionista. Frame your face with layers that give you a tousled yet stylish look!

Chic in 2 steps – Spiky and Messed Up

What makes the messed up pixie a favourite with celebrities like Halle Berry and Kaley Cuoco is that it is easy to achieve but also very fashion forward. Start with a blow dry and use a small barrel to add some curls at the edges. Dab some gel to bend the hair and pinch the ends in different directions. This not only adds texture in layers but also creates a voluminous look. Even though this haircut suits every face shape, those with high cheekbones and a long face will be able to carry off the spiky look well. Use a thickening lotion to get this look and make sure that your hair is textured well.

Asymmetric messy pixie: Texturise and Layer

If texture is your thing, then you must go for the asymmetric pixie that can be messed up easily. It doesn't really matter what face shape you have as the asymmetric lines can camouflage the angles. Opt for Pink's edgy style with short side bangs, or Rihanna's look with a long fringe and messy back.

Ruffle up your curls

If you aren't comfortable with your wavy or curly hair, but want to try this look, Audrey Tautou has shown us that wavy or curly hair can be a sexy pixie too! For a round face with curly hair, the messy pixie cut is best worn off the neck. For those with longer necks, a short haircut that grazes the nape of the neck is the ideal way to wear it.

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