Sleek Pixie: Wear It Short, Wear It Sexy!

If you've been tempted for a long time to sport a look with short hair, you've just stumbled on gold. The Sleek Pixie, a short, trendy and androgynous hairstyle, is ideal for women with strong and bold personalities. Combine versatility and elegance with this sleek and polished pixie cut.

Choose the pixie best suited for your face shape

A perfect sleek pixie cut will enhance the positive features of your face, and diminish the flaws. With inspiration drawn from the likes of celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin and Emma Watson, the sleek pixie cut is ideal for long faces and strong jawline.




Cut and style it right

Short cropped hair with pointed side burns will ensure that hair lays flat on your head. Comb your hair forward over your head, instead of brushing them to the side, to ensure a sleek and smooth look. A sleek pixie that is tapered at the neck and has long side bangs help frame your face. Spike up the ends of the pixie or push your bangs back for an edgy look for a night out on the town!

Change it up!

The sleek pixie is the perfect style to change up your look as per your mood. For a chic look, leave the hair above the ears a bit longer than the rest of the style. With super long strands on top, the extra long pieces can be coloured and texturised with wax to make the colour pop from between other strands of hair.

A sleek pixie can also be slicked back and spiked up for a rock-and-roll look. An asymmetric sleek pixie could also be a daring look that can be tried for a concert or a party!

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