Straight vs. curly for thin hair that's voluminous

Profiber Recreate from L'Oréal Professionnel has boosted the density of your hair and now its time to experiment with your volume and style. Let's see what options are out there for you!

Refine the volume with your curly locks

The look

Curls give your hair personality and character. To make the volume even, you will require a flawless layered style that will frame your face exactly right.

The style

It doesn't matter what kind of curls you have, because curly hair gives your hair a frame without constricting its movement. They create a volume that is feminine without altering the nature of your hair – another reason why curls will always be in style!

What the editors say

Curls are your best hair option if you want to give a new look to your boosted volume. Whether you've got short, long, wavy or straight hair, curls will quickly give you that 3-dimensional touch you're looking for!

Refine your volume with straight hair

The look

Layers on straight hair will always add more volume and character to your hairstyle. To make it even more defined, part your hair at the side so you give a more pronounced boost to the roots of your hair.

The style

Give your hair even more personality by tousling it around a bit because a messy style will always be in fashion. A product like Next Day Hair by L'Oréal Professionnel to add texture can be used for a trendy touch. Don't be afraid to go big with your hair as it just brings out the beauty of your natural tresses.

What the editors say

A messy hairstyle is perfect to give a lot of volume to otherwise very straight hair. This look requires a more meticulous cut on curly hair that probably needs regular visits to the salon to keep it in check. With straight hair, this becomes a lot easier, as it will just look thicker and more voluminous as it grows out.

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