The comeback of the zigzag headband

You can easily spot the famous zigzag headband with V-shaped teeth. Well, they are back and can be seen on people walking down the streets. The zigzag has made a comeback and is back as a trending hair accessory. Here's everything you need to know about this trendy and retro access.

The Retro Zigzag Headband

The zigzag headband is made of a flexible plastic band or a circular band, stretchable to fit your head perfectly. It is also known as the "teeth" or "stretch" comb. A comb cum a headband, it pushes the hair of the face and holds it firmly in place, alike various other hairstyling accessories .

The Right Way to Wear the Zigzag Headband

The zigzag headband pulls the hair back perfectly keeping the look flyaway-free, along with a unique pattern along the hair. The tracks appear prominently as tightly you press the headband into the scalp.

Flaunt the zigzag on any hair style or style, using a smooth and chic updo. The trending look includes the zigzag headband on wet hair. The wet-look effect is indeed a daring style!

The Zig-zag wet look

Step 1

Apply a small amount of Wet Extreme Domination Splash gel on dry hair, along the forehead line.

Step 2

Using a wearable wet look effect. Leave the lengths and ends of the hair.

Step 3

Wear the zigzag headband through the hair, making the iconic tracks as you pull it.

Step 4

You can also tie the hair on a loose bun, matching with the slick look of the front section of the hair.

The wet-look style is a modern way to flaunt the 90s zigzag headband!

Image credit: Getty Images - Peter White

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