The Man Bun: The New Trend

Though short hairstyles for men will never go out of fashion, a lot of men are experimenting with letting their hair grow out and putting them in man buns. Why is the man bun so popular and how do you maintain it?

The Man Bun: From the yesteryears to modern times

Years ago, long hair on men was seen as a sign of honour and strength, with men growing out their gorgeous manes; some that could rival many women's long hair. Then came the school of thought that suggested that long hair indeed a woman's game, and men started to cut off their locks and sport shorter and crisper styles. Men who still maintained their long hair were seen as eccentric hipsters with a unique sense of style. Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Johnny Depp and Dave Grohl are some men who've maintained the man bun regardless of the latest fashion. Today, the man bun is a style statement that even has an entire Instagram account dedicated to it!

What hair length is the best for man bun?

Any length that lets you tie your hair up in a small ponytail or a small bun is the ideal beginning to a man bun. Start off with a bob or get a buzzcut for the lower portion of your hair and let one section of your hair grow out for a unique style.

How do you care for a man bun?

Trim regularly (once every 8 weeks) and use a hair mask on your hair weekly to maintain those healthy locks. Condition your hair every time you shampoo it, and take care to make sure that your hair isn't tied back too tightly because that could lead to thinning and hair loss in the long run.

Image credits: Abaca