The Sleek Low Bun: Sophistication Personified

A great look for any occasion, the sleek, low bun spells cool elegance all the way. An easy style for all textures, it keeps the hair off your neck. Wear it with a parting or without one, and bedazzle everyone at the next event you make an appearance at!

Get the Look

If you have naturally straight hair, you are in luck when trying out this style. Brush your hair smoothly into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Apply some smoothing cream or serum to the ponytail to tame any frizz before twisting it up into a bun. Use bobby pins to secure if you wish. However, if you have not been blessed with silky smooth hair, hurray for the blow dryer and paddle brushes! A flat iron might be quicker if time is at a minimum. Straighten hair before you make the ponytail.

Wrap it Up

Push up the sophistication a notch by wrapping the hair around the elastic as you make the bun. Finish with some hairspray to hold it in place securely. When aiming for some extra volume, plait the ponytail before pinning it into a bun. If you have bangs, leave them untouched for additional emphasis, especially on a square face. Round faces benefit from side partings, while oval faces look stunning without any parting. A sharp centre parting gives an oomph factor when paired with understated make-up.

Glam it Up!

Opt for some hair accessories like butterfly clips on one side or a jewelled barrette to complement your outfit. Flowers can help soften the look, especially if it's for a casual occasion like a beach party or a bar hop. The beauty of this look lies in the fact that it can be styled on hair of all lengths-even short hair. Thank God for bobby pins!

Image credits: Abaca