The Ultimate Comeback of the Curly Shag

Once sported by icons such as Jane Fonda, Stevie Nicks, and Mick Jagger, this quintessential 70s hairstyle is back in favour. The curly shag which ruled the roost once upon a time, is now in the spotlight once again and let's see how.

What is the curly shag?

In this style, layers are used to give volume to the hair near the crown of your head which cascades down to feathered tips with bobs or lobs being the favoured lengths. You can pair it with bangs or not but be sure to leave it disheveled always for that funky, rock and roll attitude.

How is the shag different now?

The modern take on the shag keeps it less intense and paired with various genres. You can go for a long bob with the shag cut while keeping the focus on the texture. Don't forget the color techniques and this adds a whole new dimension to the old curly shag of yore. The shag today is casual, with a natural feel attained with the use of appropriate styling products used minimally to create the most impact.

How to style your curly shag at home

Don't try to experiment with the cut yourself unless you are willing to face the consequences of such a move for a long time. Best thing to do is get it cut professionally and then style it regularly at home with Powder-in-Lotion texturizing liquid mineral powder by Tecni.ART for much-needed texture and hold minus the residue and weight. Just shake, spritz, run your fingers through your mane, and step out!

I haven't got curly hair: Can I get the look?

Without a doubt, best suited for curly hair, this style can be recreated on straight hair as well. Try the Dulcia Advanced perm treatment from L'Oréal Professionnel for some lasting and long-lasting protected curls and to remain worry-free about getting the right curls each day.

The shag is here and there is no looking back!

Image credits: L'Oréal Professionnel