This braided hairstyle looks like a rose and we love it

With its origins in the spring and inspired by the blooming of flowers, the braided rose hairstyle is the ultimate hairdo for music festivals, weddings and even just to dress up on a regular day.

How to tie a rose braid

Start with a small braid using three sections of your hair. Alternate between a Dutch fishtail braid and a regular fishtail braid, and then flatten them out a bit using the pancaking method, i.e., pull them apart a little to create some depth. Roll up the braid so that you create a section that imitates a big petal of the rose while it is in bloom.

If you don't have any prior experience in braiding hair, stylists use a French braid instead, braiding it to form a lace-like structure by pulling the sides. Once they start braiding the tail end, they roll it back from the end to form a rose structure and pin it up using a bobby pin or a U-shaped pin.

Set the style with a spritz of L'Oréal Professionnel's Infinium, an ultra-fine, extremely dry hairspray beloved by the fashion scene. Its new formula instantly fixes hair with no unwanted residue or stiffness.



Wearing a rose braid

A rose braid is best worn on a pastel-toned hair, making for a pretty and intricate up-do with a chic hair colour. You could even pair this style with rose-brown coloured hair, an ideal way to look spring ready.

Image credits: Getty Images - Sergio Lora

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