This one hairstyle will suit any face shape and any style

Oval face, round face, straight face - it doesn't matter what your face shape is, because the bob suits all. The classic style wins over others purely by virtue of its versatility!

The straight bob

For someone with a round face, a straight bob contours it to create a more oval look. Make sure to tell your hairstylist to cut your hair off at chin-length so it gently grazes your cheekbones and gives you an edgier look. Keep the edges thin to give you a razor sharp look. Dab on some lipstick and you're ready for a day out!

The bob with bangs

An oblong face shape can be made to look more oval with a bob with bangs. Let the edges almost meet below your chin, to give an illusion of a more oval face. A longer face requires straight bangs while a triangular face shape is better suited to side bangs which make the face look more oval. You could experiment with a straight cut bob that ends right before your chin, for a unique look.

The wavy bob

The wavy bob (wob) is best suited to someone with a square face. Soften your blunt angles with this casual and wavy style. Try a bunch of different layers at the back to give a deeper look and you can even mix it up by adding a fringe or some waves. Don't be afraid to play around with some colours that could make your cut stand out even more!

The curly bob

Opt for a curly bob if you have any face shape except oblong or square to add a little extra 'oomph' to any look – day or night. An angled cut with layers will also keep the curls from becoming too heavy.

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