Your guide to growing a man bun

With the man bun catching on among men, whether hipsters, rockers or just your casual Joe, everybody wants one! Read below on how you can achieve this look, whether real or fake!

The ideal length for a man bun

If you have long hair or a bob, it will be ideal for a full-fledged man bun. But don't worry if you only have short hair – you can still get this look with a mini man bun! Go for the infamous undercut, which means that you will have to leave the top part of your hair longer so you can create a semi man bun out of it. Whether you have long hair or short hair, the way you carry off your man bun is crucial. Wear outfits that complement the style and make sure you keep your hair healthy. You can even try out some colour ideas that you should discuss with your hair stylist! Experiment with your man bun and try and come up with as many variations as you'd like!



How to help your hair grow faster

Growing hair is a process that requires time and patience because the man bun is not a look that you can achieve overnight. However, if you wait it out long enough, and make sure you've maintained your locks, they will grow to the length that you want pretty quickly! Be regular with your salon appointments so you get rid of your split ends, shampoo and condition your hair and invest is some hair masks and treatments just to keep your mane healthy and happy. If you've got thin hair, Aminexil Advanced or Serioxyl help men with thinner hair achieve thicker buns with more volume.


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