Hair detox: fall in love with healthy hair

Let this be the year that you maintain beautifully vibrant and glossy haircolor. Just as your body and mind need a little spa-time to bounce back from the demands of everyday life, your hair deserves pampering too. From in-salon color treatments to personalized at-home hair detox oil, shampoo and conditioner, here’s how to give yourself a hair detox….

Discover the new healthy goal for your hair: hair detox

What does hair detox mean and how do you know if you need a hair detox?

A hair detox is a service or treatment designed to resolve haircolor and condition issues, from brassy undertones to flat, thinning hair. It gives your hair a dose of energizing nourishment, leaving it looking refreshed and healthy.

There are two ways you can treat your hair to a hair detox. Either with a color refresh via L’Oréal Professionnel hair services, or through at-home haircare with products tailored to your hair concerns that will gently cleanse and revive your hair.

What is a hair reboot?

Cleanse your palette. Do you feel that you have a build-up of color, or that your hair is starting to look brassy? Hair build-up can be caused by over-coloring and result in unwanted undertones. Using the Smartbond treatment, your hairdresser can help you remove those hues. You can leave the brassiness, flat shades and brashness behind and lift the color for a fresh, natural finish.

PERFECT FOR: Women who have a build-up of color or those seeking a full color transformation.

What is a hair refuel?

Does your hair look over-partied, over-worked and dull due to the frenetic demands of everyday life? Recover your radiance. Let’s remove the dullness to your hair and give it some TLC with a hair refuel. Your hairdresser can help you to bring back those colors you're missing with our beautiful ranges of INOA and Majirel shades, or our DIA's natural gloss effect. Start afresh!

PERFECT FOR: Women who would like color booster to boost hair radiance with a beautiful shine.

Both our Reboot and Refuel services use Smartbond as the essential component. Reboot offers a deeper color removal service compared to Refuel. Using Smartbond helps to protect your hair whilst getting your glow back. Combine with a hair detox oil at home to boost shine and smoothness.

Everyday haircare detox products for all hair types and concerns

These are some other major hair concerns we see in our salons around the world, plus our hair product recommendations:

Thinning hair or hair with no natural volume can benefit from the clarifying and densifying Serioxyl shampoo, whose hypoallergenic formula also makes it suitable for sensitive scalps.

Dry hair: a hair detox oil is a great way to infuse moisture into dry hair. Try the Original Oil from the Mythic Oil collection, which softens and adds shine without creating build-up.

Product build-up can be caused by over-styling, and can result in limp, lifeless hair and greasy roots. Try the Pure Resource shampoo to lift residue and purify the scalp and fibres.

Frizz, flyaways: hair detox oil is also recommended for split ends, frizz and flyaways. Just a few drops smoothed over the lengths and tips of your hair on damp hair will give shine and control.

Hair detox natural solutions are also highly popular. Like the Source Essentielle haircare collection, whose products contain between 80-99% naturally-derived ingredients. We particularly love the hair detox natural Delicate Shampoo with calendula and chamomile flowers.

Image credits: Getty Images - Kuzmichstudio