Treatment of dry hair: how to help dry hair with nutrition

It's time to handle the treatment of dry hair 

How can I nourish my hair? What's good for dry hair? How to help dry hair is one of the most common hair questions. Here you'll find our tips for the best treatment of dry hair to turn your locks from frustratingly frizzy to gloriously glossy. Plus, the best products for the treatment of dry hair to use in your daily beauty routine.

What are the causes of dry hair?

Dry hair can be the result of multiple factors. Genetics are a main reason, but the weather or environment can also be to blame, and haircare/styling can play a part too. Understanding the cause will help in finding the best hair treatment for dry hair.

Wind, humidity and sunshine all contribute in different ways to drying out your hair. The wind can cause tangles where hair fibers rub against one another and fracture. Humid environments can suck the moisture from your hair, especially if you go outside with wet or damp hair. The sunshine also has powerful drying capacities, not to mention its adverse effect on colored hair. As for pollution, it can cause build-up on the hair strands and follicles, disrupting the natural secretion of healthy oils onto the scalp and along the fiber.

Not using a conditioner can lead to your hair becoming dry, because you are not infusing the fibers with much-needed moisture. Drying your hair roughly with a towel can also cause damage to the cuticles, as can over-styling your hair through excess brushing and pulling.

What are the symptoms of dry hair?

The best hair treatment for dry hair requires the correct analysis of your hair's condition. Dry hair looks dull and lifeless. This is because the cuticles are not lying smoothly along the hair shaft, so the light does not reflect evenly off the surface. It also feels rough to the touch for the same reason. Lastly, the splitting and flyaways caused by dryness can give your hair a frizzy look, making it difficult to smooth down, keep under control and maintain hairstyles – hence the importance of a dry hair treatment.

If you're not 100% sure that your hair is truly dry, there's an easy way to find out. When your hair is wet, simply take a single hair strand and pull on both ends simultaneously. If the strand snaps easily, your hair lacks moisture.

Dry hair remedy: where to start in the treatment of dry hair

The best way to evaluate the right personalized treatment of dry hair is a visit to the hair salon. Ask for advice on which type of dry hair remedy you should be using, both in the salon as well as at home. Home treatments include regular masks like the Nutrifier Masque, or the Nutrifier DD Balm leave-in hairspray.

Dry hair treatment at home might sound like an easy option, but you will need to start with professional help from your hair salon experts to truly see and feel a difference in your dry hair. They will be able to identify the level of dryness of your hair and suggest the most adapted treatment. Read on for dry hair treatment solutions at home and in-salon.

What to do for dry hair: the best products for dry hair treatment

Wondering how to treat dry hair, how to repair dry hair, or what is good for dry hair? Here are out tips for finding the best treatment for dry hair.

Look for hair care products that infuse nutrition into each hair fiber. Argan oil, for example, is ideal for the treatment of dry hair and for regenerating dry hair strands. Used in the best products for dry hair, such as Absolut Repair by Serie Expert, coconut oil is also a popular natural ingredient in the treatment of dry hair, as are other essential oils such as avocado and cranberry oil. Among the best products for dry hair treatment at home, the Mythic Oil range contains the most effective combinations of oils for hair nutrition treatment, without weighing hair down.

What to do for dry hair? How to repair dry hair with hair nutrition treatments

When it comes to the best hair treatment for dry hair, one star product you should ask for in salon is the dry hair solution Nutrifier. Designed for extremely dry hair, the Absolute Repair Lipidium is based on an innovative and powerful technology called the "Lipidium Complex" that targets each zone of the hair fiber according to its degree of damage. Inspired by skin care, Absolut Repair is a breakthrough hair nutrition treatment that instantly repairs 100% of hair damage in 20-minute treatments.

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