Blunt Bobs are All the Rage This Year

First seen in France, the bob is a hairstyle that shocked the society in the early 1900s and has been trending ever since. A little over a century later, the blunt bob is by far the hottest hair trend to flaunt this year. Be it the Lob or long bob, or the jaw skimming blunt bob, this hair cut is THE A-list's du jour!

Short and practical

While lengthy hair can be a pain at times due to the need for using products to style and wash the tresses, the easy way out is to cut it all off and go short. With blunt bobs being all the rage at the moment and for good reason, this hairstyle lets you flaunt a fabulous and chic look, along with being super functional and easy to style. Also, thank heavens for the lesser amount of time and products spent on maintaining your tresses. Siren Waves Gel crème is the perfect pick!

Old but new hairstyle

While the regular world is still a few weeks into the year, the fashion universe is already called the blunt bob, "The official hairstyle of 2019". Different and edgy, this look is making the biggest impact on and off the runway. The essence of 90's dreams, the blunt bob was seen on models who walked the season's runways and across faces on ads and editorial campaigns. Even celebrities haven't fallen far behind by flaunting this choppy shoulder-grazing look. To make a bold statement, some have even gone the length of sporting long, blunt bangs with the blunt bob in an attempt to bring back Natalie Portman's crop from her 1994 debut film, "Leon: The Professional".

Bold yet elegant

A timeless classic, the blunt bob is characterised by no layers, no added texture, no A-line and no undercut. Channel the classy French girl look or your own personal style from the 90s by sporting this cut. However, the blunt bob is not for the faint hearted who don't wish to showcase their neck and chin. With this cut, both these parts of your body are ardently on display. Unlike a lob, the blunt bob isn't a style that will grow out quickly and must be embodied only if you are one to make a bold style statement. Use Full Volume Mousse from Tecni.Art to add some volume to your hair.


Image credit: Getty Images - Bonfanti Diego

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