Wet Look Pixie: A Slicked Back Look with an Edge

The short and sexy pixie cut is easy to dress up or down, judging from the likes of the young celebrities of Hollywood. With a bit of gel and a spritz of hairspray, a shiny wet look pixie haircut is easy to maintain and fun to work with!

Wet look pixie: slicked back style

What makes this look a celebrity stylist favourite is that it just takes a few steps. Part your hair and slick it back with gel for a neat look and skip the parting for a messy futuristic pixie. With celebrities like Emma Watson and Shailene Woodley rocking the look on the red carpet, it's bound to be a trendsetter. Who wouldn't want to go from out-of-bed messy to red carpet sleek style in just a few minutes?

Frame Your Face and Flaunt Your Locks

This look is perfect for a structured face with sharp features. Your hair must be straight combed with lots of gel to keep it in place. This style is easy for people with thin hair as flyaways are rare. If you have thick hair, layer the ends and ruffle it for a sassy and fashionable look.

If you've always wanted to try an androgynous look, a wet pixie is the best way to effortlessly pull it off. Pair it with a dress or a button down and ripped jeans, and your wet pixie hair will tie it all together. If you want to take it a step further, try the disheveled wet pixie on two-day-old hair and you'll definitely have that rocker chic look pinned down.

Fierce and Flawless Bangs

While a parted wet pixie is subtle, a faux hawk pixie shouts fierceness. The only way to wear a wet pixie is to wear it with confidence. With slanting bangs or a slicked back and mussed look, the wet pixie look will lend a sophisticated and fashion forward touch.

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