Which bangs look best with French Girl Hair?

A chic look that looks like it requires close to no effort, #Frenchgirlhair has always been popular amongst the ladies. Here are some instructions for your stylist if you want to try this look for yourself! 

From Eva Green to Charlotte Gainsbourg, various celebrities have sported this style in their own unique ways – experimenting with the cut and the colour.

Piece the bangs

You have probably already read how to get French Girl Hair, so long and piecey bangs are an obvious choice for this style, They are a key element of this hairstyle that can also be fashioned as 70s curtain bangs for a retro vibe. However, do not fail to communicate with your stylist about the length of the bangs. The trick to finding the best version of this style that will suit your personal taste and your face shape is to make sure that the bangs are left between your eyebrows and cheekbones. Keep them thick and avoid Baby bangs which may be in style this season, but will not work well with this haircut.

Style 'em right

Texture is very important for the perfect French Girl Hair style and this means everything including your bangs needs to have a lot of texture. To achieve this, L'Oréal Professionnel's Wild Stylers Next Day Hair from Tecni.ART is your answer. Use this product for that boost of volume that you need for this don't-care look you are trying to achieve.

Make sure you book a regular appointment with your salon so you can trims very often so that your bangs never fall out of shape! Maintenance is key with this style for you to remain looking your best at all times! Don't be afraid to experiment with it and ask your stylist for tips on how to maintain your new haircut!

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