French Balayage Artistry

The Elegance of Red Cherie

French Balayage - Red Cherie

...lies in the blending of shades and the color placement that is unique to every consumer. A Red Cherié hair color look allows for seamless experimentation for a color that can be subtle or vibrant. The Red Cherié shades have been selected to complement Indian skin tones with a diverse mix of cool toned shades.

Red Cherié with Magenta

French Balayage - Model Visual

Majirel/ Inoa

A vivid look with deep shades of magenta and plum that can be created effortlessly with both Majirel & Inoa Majirel/ INOA 5.62 & Maji Contrast Magrenta Red or INOA 6.20


Majirel 6.62 & Maji Contrast Magenta Red or INOA 6.20

French Balayage - Model Visual
French Balayage - Model Visual 1

Cool Red Cherié

Majirel/ Inoa

A cool red look with subtle placements of shades of red in the lengths of the hair that can be created both with Majirel and Inoa Majirel/ INOA 5.62 & Maji Contrast Red


Majirel 5.5 & Maji Contrast Red



Bienvenue to the coolest palette of shades & a tailor-made French Balayage. Only L’Oréal Professionnel Paris can offer a variety of finishes that are effortlessly glossy and opaque


Long lasting color, 100% coverage and opacity


Enriched with 60% oil for nourished, brilliant hair


Neutralise and tone for a glossy finish with Dialight

Consult with SMH Pro

Experience a Red Cherié French Balayage come alive with SMH Pro and test how the shades would look on you


French Balayage - Inoa, Majirel and DiaLight