Exclusively in salon [Scalp Advanced] Anti-discomfort lipid shield pre-treatment

The anti-discomfort lipid shield pre-treatment is a hair treatment that gently soothes the scalp by forming a lipid layer across the scalp. Lipids keep your hair healthy, strong, bring a shine to them and make them manageable. This scalp treatment should be used during technical services such as colour or chemical treatments.


Professional reset for deregulated scalps.

Anti-discomfort lipid shield pre-treatment

The lipid shield scalp treatment is an ideal solution that prepares your scalp for any colour or chemical treatments. It creates a protective shield around the scalp that aids in the prevention of discomfort, irritation and itching during the chemical process. This scalp treatment is enriched with Sorbitol, which helps retain moisture in your scalp and nourishes it before any colour or chemical treatment. Protect your scalp and hair from any harsh chemicals with this scalp soothing treatment.

How to use, tips & results

How to use:

  • Step 1: This scalp soothing treatment comes with a tip that helps you apply the product efficiently on your scalp. Part your hair in sections and apply this product on the scalp.

  • Step 2: Massage it on your scalp gently before starting the colour or chemical treatment process.

  • Step 3: In case the product comes in contact with eyes, rinse it immediately and thoroughly.

Pro tips:

For optimal scalp protection, use this hair treatment with L’Oréal Professionnel technical products (colour and lightening).

Results & benefits:

The lipid shield scalp treatment acts as a barrier between your scalp and any harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your scalp during a chemical or colour treatment. It contains 4% Sorbitol that helps nourish your scalp and leaves your hair feeling light and vibrant as ever.

Unique experience with dermatological actives

Ultra-potent actives

This hair treatment is concentrated with 4% Polysorbate-21 aka Sorbitol, which is known for its soothing properties.

Unique experience and soothing fragrance

This scalp treatment is made with hair pros and approved by dermatologists. It is the 1st co-innovation with three scalp pro experts - balayage and colour expert. The lipid shield treatment is designed with a soothing composition and has a refreshing fragrance.


Contains 4% of sorbitol

This ingredient list is subject to change and depends on the location of the country selling the product. Consumers should refer to the product packaging for the most relevant ingredients list. In case of a problem, please contact the consumer care centre.

Are you looking for a scalp treatment to soothe your scalp before starting any colour or chemical treatment? The anti-discomfort lipid shield pre-treatment is just the ideal choice for your scalp. It forms a lipid layer across your scalp. This scalp treatment includes 4% Sorbitol that improves the health of your hair, makes it manageable and adds a shine to it. Use the anti-discomfort lipid shield pre-treatment before getting any chemical or colour treatment done to your hair and protect them from any damage caused by these treatments.


  • 1. What are hair lipids?

    Hair lipids, also known as hair surface lipids or sebum, are natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp. They play a crucial role in maintaining the health and quality of the hair. Hair lipids act as a protective barrier to moisturise and lubricate the hair shaft while also preventing excessive water loss.

  • 2. What is the best scalp treatment?

    The Anti-discomfort lipid shield pre-treatment is the best scalp treatment that can improve the quality of your scalp. The scalp comfort treatment creates a protective layer around the scalp to prevent any irritation caused by chemical treatments. It is also infused with Sorbitol that helps retain moisture in the scalp before any colour or chemical treatment. Get yourself this hair treatment to prevent any harm cause to your scalp.

  • 3. How should I use the Anti-discomfort lipid shield pre-treatment?

    To use the scalp comfort treatment, simply apply some product from the top of nozzle on your section hair. Massage it in the scalp and ensure it has been distributed evenly before getting a colour or chemical treatment on your hair. You can directly apply hair colour on the hair without causing any damage to the scalp.