Serie Expert [Pro longer] Pro longer Shampoo

69% stronger hair fiber*. ​
Reduces hair breakage & split ends. ​
Gives long-lasting, shinier hair. ​

*Instrumental test: Shampoo + mask vs. non-conditioning shampoo. ​


For Longer, Thicker, Better Hair

Powered by a patented technology FILLER A-100 and Amino Acid, the Serie Expert Pro longer lengths renewing shampoo is the perfect treatment for hair suffering from thinned ends. The lengths are shinier and stronger, and the ends are durably thicker.

*Instrumental test Pro longer lengths renewing shampoo + Lengths renewing conditioner

Hair type

Long hair with thinned ends


Reduces split ends by 66%. Hair becomes visibly fuller and thicker

*Instrumental Test: Concentrate + Shampoo + Mask



An exclusive combination of FILLER-A100 and Amino Acid to renew lengths and fill-in ends. The FILLER-A100, a patented technology owned by L'Oréal Professionnel only, penetrates the fiber core to thicken ends, and resurfaces. The Amino Acid brings strength to the fiber. For longer, thicker, better hair.